My Promise

Dear Patients,

My power is my sensitivity to people and their perception of themselves. I obsess over the lines, symmetry and diversity of faces and constantly replay thoughts of what I would do to improve their appearance. My duty is to help patients celebrate their individual beauty. I intend to educate every patient on what they need and develop an individualized, realistic plan of care. Humans are not carbon copies. Every face deserves an extremely detailed aesthetic eye which is so important to identify the subtle areas of the face that need editing or support throughout the aging process.

At Aya Restrepo Med Spa I follow specific calculated guidelines which work more on structural facial balancing. This in turn transforms the face into a more youthful, contoured natural appearance without the “puffy” or “overdone” look. Every patient gets an optional 2-week free follow-up to make sure you are satisfied. I am also always available to you via phone or email.
A very rewarding aspect of my work is connecting with people and their stories. My soul lights up when seeing my patients’ eyes brighten when they look at themselves in the mirror with a newfound confidence. When they leave with a gaze of gratitude and I feel like I have empowered them. I am an artist with a medical degree and I am in love with aesthetic medicine.
I look forward to meeting you!


Aya Restrepo MS, PA-C

Free Consults
Free Consults

You may also do procedures same day if you decide to


Dermal Fillers

– Temple Augmentation – To restore the appearance of sunken temples and promote facial balancing.
– Lifting Brow Ridge – The use of dermal filler to raise the lateral brows
– Under-eyes – Under-eye fillers use non-invasive techniques and hyaluronic acid, stimulating the appearance of thicker fat pads under the skin.
– Cheeks – The use of dermal fillers to contour or increase the volume of cheeks
– Rhinoplasty (non-surgical) – The injection of dermal fillers to tweak its shape, hide a bump , or lift for a more defined , smooth nose
– Nasolabial Fold “Smile Lines” – Dermal fillers are used to remove deep smile lines .
– Lip Augmentation – The use of dermal fillers to augment lips to look hydrated and more awake and can also be used to create more full , plump lips.
– Chin – The use of dermal filler to add definition and shape to the chin. Helps to hide double chins and creates more facial balancing especially for the jaw, nose and lips.
– Jawline – The use of hyaluronc acid dermal filler to create a slimmer more sculpted jawline. It improveds facial harmony by strengthening the jawline and chin, softens jowls, improves the appearance of a double chin.
– Acne Scar – The use of dermal filler to help fill acne scars to promote smoother looking skin.


Botox / Dysport


– Forehead Wrinkles – Diminishes the appearance of forehead lines
– Glabellar Wrinkles – Smoothes out the vertical wrinkles caused by frowning
– Crows Feet “smile lines” – Reduces the wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes.
– Bunny Lines – Smooth horizantal wrinkles on the nose
– Lip Lines – Smooth small wrinkles on the upper and lower lower lip
– Mariontte Lines/Pre Jowl (corrects “resting bitch face”) lol – Turn corners of mouth up to improve jowl
– Gummy Smile – Relax the top lip to reduce a gummy smile
– Bruxism – Prevents teeth grinding and makes face more contoured
– Pitted orange skin on chin – Reduce the appearance of a dimpled chin
– Platysmal Bands (Neck) – Tightens neck, decreasing banding
– Neck Rings – Diminish the appearance of neck rings
– Hyperhydrosis – Dramatically reduces sweating in the armpits


PRP (Plasma Rich Protein)

– HAIR – The use of PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) which is rich in growth factors is a great treatment option for hair loss because it has a number of scientifically based articles showing its efficacy increasing hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle .


Follow Up

Two week follow up

Two week follow up



What our Clients say about us

Google Review

Aya and her staff are absolutely AMAZING. My first time getting fillers & she made me look so natural! No bruising and minimal swelling after too! Her and her staff also make you feel so comfortable, and know how to give you exactly what you want. The only place I’ll ever go for anything done on my face.

Coach Jodi CF

Google Review

The best in aesthetic medicine industry. Top of the line care. Aya pays attention to every detail and provides the best advise to maintain natural face edited beauty. I had a great experience with minimal pain. I am extremely happy with my results, and I enjoyed her sense of humor. I recommend her amazing service.

Hala Hamdan

Google Review

I had the best experience here!! Everyone who works here is so kind. I will forsure be recommending this place to everyone.

maddy anttila

Google Review

Aya’s personality reflects in her professionalism towards the interest of your healthy beautiful n natural looking skin care. Very satisfying experience would not trust anyone else!

Orsola Succurro

Google Review

Oh you think your injector is good? Well, LET ME TELL YOU. Aya literally saved my life. I was BOTCHED by another place and my lips looked like BIG OL’ WORMS with a bulge in the top middle. I went to see Aya for another area of my face, she noticed my lips and was like I can’t let you leave like this let me fix it for you. She corrected my lips and I’ve been addicted to her ever since. Every person I have sent to her LOVES THEIR RESULTS. She’s the kindest most talented person ever and I trust her like my life depends on it! If you don’t try her then I feel sorry for you. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND.


Google Review

Aya is excellent at what she does. Very professional with great results. I couldn’t be happier.

Alli B

Google Review

I’m so happy I found Aya!! She is so sweet and professional and knowledgeable about the face anatomy, and immediately made me feel so comfortable. I was nervous to inject my lips, but Aya made me feel at ease, numbed me so I didn’t feel any pain, and had a very light hand! She also did a great job with my botox! Highly recommended!!

Karina Khailfe

Google Review

I had such a great experience at face edit. The staff is so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. The best part is I went in with expectations of what I wanted and it was way better than excepted.

Merna Abdaal

Google Review

I have seen Aya multiple times now & she has even hosted a party at my house and took great care of some of my friends who have never had anything done before. Her level of excitement and expertise about skin care and the services that she offers is amazing and also very unique. Anyone I have seen for Botox or filler in the past treats it more like a service By asking you what it is you want versus consulting, educating and providing. Her assistant Selena was extremely helpful in filling in any blanks and making the appointment super efficient!

Bethany Hine

Google Review

The only person I’ll ever trust with my face! Aya always makes me feel comfortable and beautiful whenever I’m nervous about getting something done. Great experience!

Selena Abbas

Google Review

I recently went to see Aya for fillers coming from California and she is the very best in the business. She makes you look natural and refreshed. Very happy with my results.

Nadine Chassis

Google Review

Aya and her staff at Face Edit Med Spa are SO kind and very good at what they do! It was my first time getting any type of aesthetic work done which i was VERY nervous about and they made me feel so comfortable. My lips look amazing and my boyfriend can’t stop complimenting my lips non-stop! thank you Aya

Clarke Alexandra

Google Review

Aya is the sweetest!! She is super informative and knows what she’s doing, I love my results for my lips! She listens to what you want and exceeds your expectations, I have recommended her to my friends and family!


Google Review

BY FAR aya is amazing !! I have never been to someone that does anything as beautifully as she does. Such an amazing place for anything, please go to her for everything. She never disappoints.

Google Review

Aya is just amazing. She’s the only person I’ll ever trust with my face. She is incredibly skilled at her job and even more personable and caring about her patients. She won’t do anything unnecessary and makes sure anything she does do fits your face perfectly. I recommend her to anyone that asks. I Will only go to Aya for anything on my face, ever!

BreeAnna Presson

Google Review

I absolutely love how comfortable she made me feel and how honest PA Aya is! I had a great experience with her and I brought my friends and they all love her as well I highly recommend coming here!

Marnila Hanna

Google Review

FaceEdit MedSpa has a relaxed, clean, and positive atmosphere that is pleasing to the senses, it is peaceful and comfortable. The staff there are professional, knowledgeable, honest, and very friendly! It is very evident that they believe in the treatments and services they offer. They help you confidently select a customizable plan that best suits your needs and goals, and advise you of what it not necessary. They strive to accommodate your availability when scheduling and will help you love the skin that you’re in with their FaceEdit Skincare Line! I am very pleased with my aesthetic results and their skincare products! Thank you FaceEdit! Look forward to seeing you beautiful ladies again soon!

Zeina Hamdan

Google Review

Aya did a great job using Botox on my forehead.. the wrinkles are barley visible and it makes me look much younger.. Aya had been working on my face using Botox and fillers for the pat fees years and I am very happy with her work.. in addition her great personality put you at ease, no pain felt , she always make you feel very comfortable and give you great advice to make you look beautiful..I recommended Aya to my friends and relatives..

salam sesi

Google Review

Aya is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and has magical hands. Thanks Aya for keeping me looking young!

Nisreen Ayad

Google Review

Just got fillers for the first time from Aya!! Came in today for my follow up. Aya is so helpful & professional. I was extremely nervous and she put me at ease and told me exactly what her plans were for my lips. Very clean also!! Thanks so much Aya

Nicole Wilson

Google Review

Aya is truly professional, talented and amazing my lips are beautiful!! Thank You!!

Cheri Gasperoni

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